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Offering public speaking for executives and relationship sales training to hospitality and sales teams in the wine industry, Success Strategies’ course details, upcoming classes and discount information is below. Members, click the button links to get the discount codes for each course. Jump to course info: Executive Speaking Experience, Advanced Speaking Experience, Winery Hospitality Sales Training

Executive Speaking Experience

Receive $200 off the Executive Speaking Experience course tuition The two-day workshop runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day.  A maximum of SIX participants are enrolled in each class. Classes are presented in Napa. View/Download the workshop flyer.

Participants gain skills in:

  • Dealing with your anxiety
  • Reading your audience
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Preparing for different audiences
  • Developing poise and presence
  • Gaining confidence in your own personal style
  • Getting audience connection, real-time response and buy-in
  • Handling confrontational issues and responding to Q & A with authority

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Video-taping in ten different skill building exercises
  • Generous, personal coaching from the instructor
  • Practical feedback from peers
  • A manual with tips and techniques on presentation and communication skills
  • Written evaluations on workshop presentations
  • The hard cover book, The Executive Persuader by Lynda Paulson

Tuition: The tuition for one enrollment is $1,900.  Discounts are honored for multiple enrollments.  Payment may be with check or credit card.  In-house workshops are personalized and the fee is $1,600 for six people.  The client provides the facility and lunches. Email: | Phone: 775.530.6119

“Lynda’s coaching provided the basics to launch my business success. I learned how to connect and get the audience involved with my message.”
—Robin Lail, Lail Vineyards

“I wish I’d had it years ago! Mandatory for anyone who communicates for a living.”
—Stephen R. Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“Lynda empowers people to express themselves in ways they didn’t know they were capable, creating confident, persuasive speakers. Her approach too is clear and direct, and her advice and recommendations extended with sensitivity and spot on accuracy. I sent my first team through Lynda’s Speaker’s Training more than ten years ago, my most recent team in early 2016. Lynda has only gotten better. Time spent in Lynda’s workshops pays dividends for years.” — Greg Ralston, General Manager of Wine Creek LLC

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Advanced Speaking Experience

Receive $200 off the Advanced Speaking Experience course tuition The tone-day workshop runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  A maximum of FOUR participants are enrolled in each class. Classes are presented in Napa. View/Download the workshop flyer.

Learn how the pros prepare for a major keynote address or talk. This intensive class is targeted to experienced public speakers (and graduates of the Executive Speaking Experience) who are preparing for a specific keynote address, TEDx audition, political stump speech or other critical presentation.

Tuition: The tuition for one enrollment is $1,200.  Discounts are honored for multiple enrollments.  Payment may be with check or credit card.

The first class is scheduled for TBD. Email: | Phone: 775.530.6119

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Winery Hospitality Relationship Sales Training

Get 10% OFF tuition for the Winery Hospitality Relationship Sales Training workshop Attendees learn to build memorable client experiences and improve the bottom line with every visitor. Participants of this full-day workshop learn how to maximize the revenue potential of each tasting room visitor while making new friends with them. Applying the structured techniques of relationship sales skills taught through our class demonstrations, discussion, role-playing, and team building exercises leads to greater customer satisfaction and sales.

Tuition: The tuition for one enrollment is $345.  Discounts also available for 3 or more enrollments.  Payment may be with check or credit card. Lunch is included in public classes. For more than 3 hospitality professionals from one organization, consider hosting a private class.

View/Download flyer. Class includes lunch. | Register here, or call 775.530.6119 or email to reserve your space. Learn more at

“I am happy to report that we doubled our wine club sign up goal after the workshop. We are off to a great start!”
—Nicole Pattalochi, Director of Hospitality, Archery Summit Winery

“Your workshop was an unqualified success…sales and wine club conversion are high. If only we we had done it sooner! Thanks for teaching us that facts tell, stories sell.”
—John Morris, Tasting Room Manager, Tablas Creek Vineyard

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Lynda PaulsonAn executive speech coach for over thirty years, Lynda Paulson is renowned for teaching public speaking and communication skills to professionals from over 600 wineries and businesses in the U.S. and Europe. Her coaching techniques have been crafted over decades working with local clients such as the Cakebreads, the Mondavis, the Trincheros, the Martinis, the Wentes and management teams at many local companies. She has also taught public speaking at AT&T, American Express, Disney Corporation, Kodak, ING, IBM and many more throughout California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Canada and Europe.