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About Our Forums

WINE WOMEN Forums provide key components of career development. It is an opportunity for members to regularly discuss and learn about topics within their profession. Building upon one another’s knowledge elevates all forum members’ skills, credibility and value to employers.

Within the Forums, members develop deep and long-lasting business relationships. These peer-to-peer groups also provide tools, guidance, resources and support to achieve success.

  • Learn key networking skills to maximize your industry involvement.
  • Open doors to industry specific opportunities.
  • Develop speaking skills and presentations to demonstrate niche knowledge expertise.

If you’d like your career direction to be as crystal clear as a Riedel Bordeaux glass, join WINE WOMEN today to start building your career path tools with Forums! Members may join as many forums as they wish.

Non-members may visit open forum meetings twice before joining WINE WOMEN.

Forums meet at different member locations in Napa and Sonoma.

Meeting dates, times and agendas are chosen directly by forum members.

Forum Meetings

Forum meetings are frequently held at member workplaces, but some are held at prospective business associates’ locations, from wineries to supplying vendors’ facilities. Meeting dates, times and agendas are chosen by the members of the forum themselves, headed by one or more chairpersons.

Forum Sizes and Admission

Some forums have opted to close their groups to new members until an existing member leaves the group, locking in group size and content. Other forums are open to new membership. WINE WOMEN members may join as many forums as they wish, although each may have different meeting attendance requirements. Non-members may visit with open forums up to two times before choosing to join WINE WOMEN.

For more information, please see the calendar of meeting dates and topics for each forum on their own page.

What is a WINE WOMEN Forum?

A group of WINE WOMEN members who meet bi-monthly or quarterly (or another level of frequency they choose) to network in small group settings with the purpose of providing advice and support to one another for professional development and education. Each forum is organized around a specific wine-related profession or topic, such as winemakers, wine marketers, or wines of a specific appellation.

What happens at a Forum meeting?

Forum members plan their own agendas for the year. At some meetings, they bring in speakers to educate them on a specific topic; at other meetings they may discuss “hot issues” they are facing at work. In general, 10 to 20 women show up for each forum meeting.

Which Forums are available to join?

Ask! Some forums are closed to new members because they have a full complement of members. Others are just launching and desire a strong group of members. They would love your visit to a meeting. Ask us!

Participation in WINE WOMEN Forums is a benefit of being a Member of the organization. If the forum has openings, interested participants may attend up to two meetings to learn more about a forum, but then must become a WINE WOMEN member in order to be a full-time participant.

How do I join a WINE WOMEN Forum?

Contact the Forums Director to let her know which forum(s) you are interested in joining. She will check with the Forum Chair on availability. If there is room, you will be invited to attend the next meeting. If you are interested in joining one of the new “in process” forums, we will reserve a place for you and notify you when the first meeting will be held.

How do I start a WINE WOMEN Forum for my wine profession or a specific topic?

It’s relatively easy to start a new roundtable. All you need to do is:

  • Be a Member.
  • Identify at least 5 other members in the same wine profession or topic interest as you. If they are not members, they can attend two forum meetings before they become a member.
  • Contact the Forums Director to inform her you want to start a forum. She will assist you in planning, scheduling, and facilitating the first meeting.

We look forward to hearing about your ideas for other forums, too!