Joining a professional forum group should be about more than sitting back and listening to a keynote speaker. It should
be a chance to take your own experiences and share them with others in your field. It’s about giving you the opportunity
to engage with your peers, share real life stories, and offer practical advice… because after all, you are a
professional in the field of human resources for the wine industry.

What we’re about

The WINE WOMEN Human Resources Forum strives to foster your professional growth while giving you the
opportunity to share your skills with our group. Think interactive case studies, opportunities to get up and speak, and
a chance to guide the conversation.

If your career is focused on human resources in the amazing world of wine, then you’ll
fit right in!

What’s in it for you

We realize everyone’s time is precious, and our goal is to ensure that everyone leaves each meetup with at least 3
applicable takeaways. We will be strategic in our planning, we will be organized with our agenda, and we will make sure
being a part of the WINE WOMEN Human Resources Forum is well worth your time.

What to expect

  • Shared HR “war stories” to help you feel you’re not alone tackling daily challenges; and solutions to HR
    problems from a trusted group of colleagues who’ve got your back.
  • To be held accountable! We are not a sometimes-show-up, sometimes-not-‘cuz-you’re-tired organization. We’ll
    establish policies to abide by, agreed upon by the members. Make this forum what you want and need to advance
    your career.

What to bring

  • A stack of business cards to share with other attendees.
  • A colleague to learn more about networking opportunities.
  • A bottle from your winery for a wine exchange – that’s part of the fun of our meetings!

Meet your forum co-chairs

  • Karen Alary – Managing Partner, The Personnel Perspective, a full service HR consulting, training and recruiting firm partnering with wine industry clients for the past 30 years.
  • Nicole Klock – Director of Human Resources at Price Family Vineyards and Estates in Sonoma.

About WINE WOMEN Forums

  • WINE WOMEN Forums are career development tools for women (and men) in the wine industry.
  • Each forum is profession or topic-driven.
  • Eligibility to join a forum is established by each forum’s membership.
  • Forums are open to both women and men (unless otherwise stated).
  • Advance registration REQUIRED for events.