Is That Wine Corked? Learn About Wine Faults

Date(s) - 08/13/2019
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

DeLoach Vineyards

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Is that musty, wet socks I’m smelling, or Uncle Frank’s generator exhaust fumes in that glass?

While wine faults are thankfully fairly rare to encounter, many us have difficulty identifying whether or not an off aroma of taste is corked or cooked — two distinctly different wine faults. If you’re stumped sorting out wine fault acronyms from TCA (cork taint) to H2S (dihydrogen sulfide), this event will help you sort it all out.

Unlike most wine education events, guests will go through a suite of nose-wrinkling aromas and tongue-deterring tastes. Seminar facilitators Debra Del Fiorentino and Bob Peak will lead guests through a selection of the most common manufactured* faulted wines for attendees to swirl, sniff, sip and (undoubtedly) spit.

(*No fine wine will be harmed in the making of this event! Bob is a chemist; and he’ll create the wine faults specifically for this seminar.)

Join us for an eye-opening, olfactory-educating evening of wines you’ll definitely hope to avoid in the future.

But never fear! We will start and end our event with a couple of non-faulted, beautifully made wines so you won’t feel shortchanged in only tasting bad wines!


Member Debra Del Fiorentino is a Sommelier, CWP, CSW, founder and president of Wine Competitions Management and Productions. In addition to judging wine competitions for more than 20 years, Debra is also a vineyard owner and the founder of SPIRITED, a magazine devoted to the beer, wine, spirits and cider industry. Most recently Debra served as Chief Judge for the International Women’s Wine Competition.

Bob Peak is owner of Peak Fermentation Consulting. Bobretired from The Beverage People in February, 2017. He still writes the Techniques column for WineMaker Magazine and is now the Technical Editor for them as well. He is also still making wine, beer, cider, cheese, and charcuterie; and occasionally teaching or consulting on fermentation. He was the former General Manager at Vinquiry, a company that provides analytical services to the wine industry. In his blog, “Bob’s World of Wine,” Bob wrote about anything wine-related that came to mind — from his own home winemaking adventures, topics that come across his desk at work, and commercial wine events that intersect with home winemaking.

This event has seating limited to 20. Reserve early.

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