From the Case Files:

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Date(s) - 11/07/2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



What are the marketing case files that helped indie wine company grow to 100,000+ loyal customers (known as Angels)? will share some of its biggest wine marketing success stories (and a couple of their mistakes) with attendees. Which projects batted a thousand? Which ones were surprising strikeouts? And most importantly: What lessons have they learned about communicating with wine drinkers along the way?

Join us for an enlightening evening with Ryan O’Connell, VP of Marketing and Naked Narrator, along with the team, in the last installment of our Fall Marketing Series. Learn about:

  • Biggest wine marketing mistakes – how they learned from them, and how they’ve used them to strengthen customer relationships
  • How to take marketing cues from your customers to drive deeper engagement
  • How to give your customers a voice
  • When to gun the marketing engine… and when to coast

ABOUT NAKEDWINES.COM is a community of independent winemakers and supportive wine drinkers, who invest in hundreds of wine projects a year. puts their customers at the heart of their business – often asking them what kind of wine projects to fund next. But there are a few specific times that customers’ answers really caught them off guard! Sometimes customers really want them to take care of the big decisions and be surprised and delighted. Sometimes, the projects they think are no-brainers are actually quite challenging.

They don’t just sell wines, they make them happen. Since launching in the UK in 2008, and their Angels have invested in over 159 independent winemakers in 14 countries.

Turns out it’s better business for everyone… Their winemakers get to sell all of their wines, and make a living. They make the same margins as everyone else, and have a lot of fun along the way. And the wine drinker, for the $40 a month they probably would have spent on wine anyway, gets wholesale prices on exclusive wines made just for them.


Ryan moved to France and started making wine before he could legally drink it in the USA. The goal wasn’t to disrupt the wine industry or anything grandiose like that. He just loved wine. But… over the years, he would learn what a bad deal winemakers are getting – and what a bad deal wine drinkers are being sold… and it turns out there was something he could about it!